Budgeting & Financials

Projects go through several scope iterations before getting approval. Project teams are constantly re-evaluating the scope, based on internal stakeholder feedback.

Accurate projected final cost forecasting is an essential element of successful capital projects because it impacts decision making. As projects progress, project managers have many variables and all of them affect the cost forecast.

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Vendor Scorecards and Schedules

Scorecards provide a transparent and consistent means of communicating your performance level and contract compliance requirements.

The schedule module has two key features; Auto Scheduling and Milestone Tracker. Enabling leadership to understand why and how the schedule changed.

Documents & Project Teams

Upload and store documents and agreements so they are always assessable.
Improve Capital Projects management for your teams in the field with up-to-date actual’s, real-time forecasts and alerts.

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Clean Audit & Responsibility Matrix

We organize your capital projects to ensure your teams are never out of compliance and the Capital Project auditor loves you.

Get up to date information and manage large projects with more ease with M6Connect’s Responsibility Matix.