100% Digital Projects

The first 100% digital capital project software ever made. How did we do it? By working with industry experts, just like you, who understand the value of working together.

Automated forecasting algorithms for all project types improve your companies ability to execute. Accurate projected final cost forecasting is an essential element of successful capital projects because it impacts corporate investments and decision making. As projects progress, project managers have many variables to juggle and all of them affect the cost forecast – we got you covered.

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Integrated Schedules

Schedules automatically build based on project type. Imagine if you could have consistent schedules across all of your projects regardless of project manager or size – another first from M6.

The schedule module has two key features; Auto Scheduling and Milestone Tracker. Enabling leadership to easily see and understand your schedules.  

Share Document Links 

Upload and store documents and agreements so they are always accessible and shareable.
Share digital capital project documents for your teams in the field with up-to-date actual’s, real-time forecasts and alerts.

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Clean Audit & Responsibility Matrix

We organize your capital projects to ensure your teams are never out of compliance and the Capital Project auditor loves you.

Get up to date information and manage large projects with more ease with M6Connect’s Responsibility Matix.